Symposium Chirurgie Symposium Endoscopic Surgery in Children and Neonates: to Be or Not to Be

Symposium Chirurgie bij kinderen en pasgeborenen WKZ Utrecht. Dit congres is vooral bedoeld voor kinderchirurgen, OK verpleging en andere belangstellenden voor chirurgie bij kinderen en pasgeborenen.

9 mei 2010 tot en met 11 mei 2010
Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis Utrecht

Dear colleague,

It is a pleasure to invite you to participate in the Symposium

"Endoscopic Surgery in Children & Neonates: to Be or Not to Be".

The Symposium is organized at the occasion of the opening of a "Center of Excellence in Endoscopic Surgery in Children & Neonates" in Utrecht. The completely renewed OR Center has been rigged with endoscopic facilities in all OR's, serving all pediatric subspecialties.

Since the first Symposium "Laparoscopic Procedures in Children: "Sense and Non-sense" in Utrecht in 1995 much has changed. The question today is: has it changed for the better or the worse. This symposium will hopefully give some answers to which procedures have gained general recognition and which are still at dispute. Is it a mere surgical whim, or do other specialties and organizations support our believe in endoscopic surgery.

The symposium will be preceded by a hands-on course, offering the opportunity to get acquainted with both basic and advanced pediatric and neonatal suturing techniques, supervised by experts in the field of pediatric endoscopic surgery.

At the end of the Symposium the renewed OR Center will be officially opened.

Utrecht at this time of year is in full spring time with pleasant temperatures and budding nature. The hospital is easy to reach both by car and public transport. The center of the town is close by and it is a joy to stroll along the canals in the old town and sit at the water front for a drink.

We heartily invite you to come to Utrecht and hope to welcome you May 10-11, 2010.


David C. van der Zee M.D., PhD.
Professor of Pediatric Surgery

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